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Cuba-U.S. Relations: The Embargo Must End

Why the embargo seems inappropriate for today's state of affairs with Cuba

Guatemala's Illegal Adoption Process

Illegal adoptions by families in other countries are a common issue in Guatemala and also a very profitable business.

Who is Vicente Fox?

Find out more about Mexico's new president-elect.

Mexico: The Cry for Peace in Chiapas

Six years have past and yet the Mexican Government has not been capable of resolving the conflict that started six years ago in Chiapas. Can a change in the presidency improve the situation in Chiapas?

Guatemala and Belize : conflict or cooperation?

For years Guatemala has claimed that almost half of Belize’s territory belongs to it. From arbitration to diplomatic negotiation, the issue has been discussed without reaching any acceptable solution. Perhaps it is time for Guatemala to mature and focus its efforts in finding a way of cooperation rather than a way of wining the conflict.

Brazil's Child Prostitution Crisis

When it comes to addressing the issue of prostitution in Brazil, there are no easy answers, but there is certainly not enough being done to stop it.

Guatemala: "Indians no better off now than under Spanish rule"

Nobel Prize Winner Rogoberta Menchu releases an article claiming that indigenous people in Guatemala remain highly excluded and discriminated by ruling classes, just as during Spanish rule.

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